COMPASS Online is a fully searchable and indexed database of over 200,000 planning appeals. Providing a quick and convenient facility to locate highly relevant decisions saving research time and ensuring a greater chance of success with applications and appeals.

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You can subscribe annually for unlimited searches and unlimited decision downloads. Alternatively, for a one off fee you can brief our dedication team to conduct and locate all appeals that match your brief. 

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What is COMPASS?

A sophisticated database of planning appeals, each appeal is fully indexed with a comprehensive description and the associated full text decision. Appeal coverage is comprehensive from 1985 to present to include:

  • Every Secretary of State call in and recovered appeal

  • All enquiries

  • Every hearing

  • Selected written reps. These are chosen based on a wide range of criterias including those of a particular legal interest, noteworthy content and development types such as housing 5+ units, new retail units and renewable energy

How can I search on COMPASS?

You can select on numerous catergories/index including some of the following:

  • All individual development types

  • Planning issue - e.g. Green Belt, land supply, affordable provision

  • Decision - Allowed, dismissed, partly allowed, partly dimissed

  • Appeal type - e.g. CLEUD, LDC, conditions on planning permissions, CPO etc

  • Local Authority

  • Planning Inspector

  • Units - Size of the development – number of new houses/flats created

Who should use COMPASS?

Consultants can use COMPASS to:

  1. Increase the chances of successful planning applications and appeals

  2. Research similar decisions to be able to provide the best advice to clients

  3. Judge the success rates of relevant issues and development types

Lawyers can use COMPASS to:

  1. Find relevant appeals and increase the chances of successful case/argument

  2. Discover trends in the impact of legislation

  3. Renegotiate terms for existing approvals

Local Authorities can use COMPASS to:

  1. Anticipate potential arguments presented by consultants

  2. Improve decision making at applications stage

  3. Avoid losing costly planning appeals

  4. Provide evidence based arguments at committee

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Search 200,000 appeals on COMPASS


COMPASS Online provides you with instant access to a fully searchable database of planning appeals. The search function allows you to find appeals using specific keywords, issue codes and geographical selections ensuring you have all the available information.

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Compass Expert Search is a bespoke telephone and email based service suitable for those who do not have the time or expertise to carry out online research. Our dedicated team of experts will follow a user's brief to find them the most relevant planning appeals available.

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