Planning Power 100

The aim of Planning’s Top 100 power list is to identify the people in the UK who have the greatest influence over planning. We define influential people as those who: significantly shape or influence national planning policy in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland; significantly influence local, regional or sub-regional planning policy in more than one area; or those who have a strong influence on planning decision-making across a wide area of the UK.

To draw up the list, we conducted off-the-record conversations with more than 40 senior contacts. Nobody that we spoke to was allowed to nominate anyone from their own organisation. We think our methodology is pretty robust, but drawing up a listing of this kind will inevitably be an imprecise science.

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What Do You Think?

Comments and suggestions about other individuals who wield substantial influence over planning policy and decision-making would be welcome. If you think there are important omissions, please flag them up by commenting here.

The more informed opinion we receive, the more comprehensive any future version of this report will be.

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