Wednesday 7 December 2016
The implications for local growth so far and looking ahead

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Chair's Opening Remarks

Paul Hackett, Director, The Smith Institute


Keynote Address:  How Can Business And Economic Development Agencies Work Together To Maximise Growth During The Brexit Transition?

Dr Adam Marshall,  Director General, British Chambers of Commerce


Panel Discussion: What Does Brexit Mean for The Wider UK Economy? The Implications of Brexit For Inward Investment:

  • Attracting foreign direct investments: where should Britain concentrate its efforts and focus its assets in the wake of Brexit? What should be the main message from Britain post-Brexit? 

  • Impact on investor confidence: what does Brexit change for foreign investors? What are the implications of the devaluation of the pound on investment? Is the UK still seen as a gateway to EU markets? 

  • How can local authorities be proactive in how they use planning tools to make their areas attractive to potential investors? 

  • What support or powers is the government planning to put into place for local businesses? 

  • How can councils support businesses and develop solutions in order to equip and retain businesses in Britain?

James Sproule,  Chief Economist and Director of Policy,  Institute of Directors

Mark Littlewood, Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs

Nigel Wilcock,  Director, Institute of Economic Development


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The Implications Of Brexit For Trade And Why It Matters

  • How important has trade with the EU been to the UK?

  • Will we trade less with the EU going forward?

  • Will we trade more with the rest of the world going forward?

  • What it means for the UK’s nations & regions

Richard Holt , Head of Global Cities Research, Oxford Economics


The Future Of Labour Market And Its Effect On Local Businesses

  • Statistics and analysis at a national level: what is the total value of EU immigration? Is this value going to be retained or transferred?

  • To what extent will Brexit affect local existing businesses and communities?

  • What are the main opportunities and threats for cities? What are the potential mitigations?

Paul Swinney,  Principal Economist,  Centre for Cities

Tim Thomas,  Director of Employment and skills Policy,  Engineering Employers' Federation (EEF)


Choose your Roundtable Discussion  
Learn From Potential Scenarios: Explore Challenges And Be Better Prepared

Presented and facilitated by:

Joe Owen, Researcher,  Institute For Government

A) Delivering Brexit, How will Whitehall do it?

Jonathan Schifferes, Assistant Director of the Public Services and Communities,  Royal Society of Arts

B) What are the tools we have to ensure inclusive growth in local economies post-Brexit


Chair's Closing Remarks


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Chair's Opening Remarks

Duncan Sutherland, Regeneration Director, Sigma Capital Group plc


Calculating Housing Need In A Post-Brexit Period: What Brexit means for Plan-Making

  • How could Brexit affect population change and household growth?  

  • What would less immigration mean for household projects and calculations of objectively assessed housing need?  

  • How should local planning authorities and applicants respond?

James Donagh, Director, Barton Willmore


Keynote Address: The Impact Of Brexit On Planning and Housing Policy

Ruth Cadbury , Shadow Minister, (Housing) 


Panel Discussion

Housing Market: How Are Housebuilders And Developers Reacting To Brexit?

  • What are the shorter and longer-term implications of Brexit for the property and development market? 

  • How would Brexit impact on the delivery of affordable housing? 

  • In the case of a slowdown, how can planners help maintain development activity?

Janice Morphet, Visiting Professor UCL Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

Susan Emmett, Director, Savills Residential Research

Wren Laing, Area Manager - Housing and Land Directorate, Greater London Authority


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What Are The Implications Of Brexit For Environmental Regulations And Planning Legislation?

  • What does Brexit mean for environmental regulations that have derived from European directives? Will Brexit result in a bonfire of environmental regulations?

  • What does Brexit mean for the future of environmental impact assessments - Would EU requirements stay after Brexit? Will they be based on EU Directives?

  • What would the likely practical implications of any changes be, for applicants and authorities?

  • To what extent will UK planning rules still be affected by EU institutions and international conventions post-Brexit?

Richard Humphreys QC,  Barrister, Planning & Environment,  No5 Chambers


Choose your Roundtable Discussion 
Learn From Potential Scenarios: Explore Challenges And Be Better Prepared?

Presented and facilitated by:

Paul Clark,   Development Director,  GL Hearn

A) Potential changes to how the government procures - What are the options that may or may note be presented?

Duncan Sutherland , Regeneration Director, Sigma Capital Group plc

B) The challenge of providing enough quality housing - Scenarios looking at how the policies of planning and housing developers affect supply


Chairs' Closing Remarks


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