Planning Seminar: Neighbourhood Plans And Community Engagement: Getting The Best Out Of The Process

On the 12 February in London, Planning introduced its newly launched series of half-day seminars. The afternoon seminar on Neighbourhood Plans and Community Engagement proved to be a great success and attracted many planning industry professionals.

Launching at a pivotal time given the national momentum building for Neighbourhood Planning, this seminar was designed to empower local authorities and communities when initiating their neighbourhood development plans.

To provide you with the necessary tools and expertise required to get the best out of the neighbourhood planning process, the seminar highlighted best practice advice and examples gleaned from case studies of two successful neighbourhood plans produced by a local authority and a local community. In addition, key policy challenges were addressed by a legal expert, and the value and benefits of neighbourhood plans were assessed in an insightful panel discussion in our closing session.

If you missed the Neighbourhood Plans and Community Engagement seminar, don’t worry – now you can access seminar content on demand. To learn more, please follow the link below:



- For local authorities : familiarise yourself with the consultation and community engagement processes and gain insights into how to approach neighbourhood planning

- For local communities : learn from the experiences of successful neighbourhood plans as well as practical tips on approaching engagement

- Gain legal expert advice on how to produce an evidence base and insights on policies that can be included in your neighbourhood plan

- Discuss the challenges that pertain to your own area and participate in extended Q&As at the end of each session – our distinguished speakers will be representing both urban and rural areas


- Maria Dunn, Senior Forward Planning Officer, Wyre Forest District Council

- Josef Ransley, Councillor, Kirdford Parish Council & Chichester District Council

- Pr Malcolm Wagstaff, Professor Emeritus, University of Southampton ; Member of Cringleford Parish Council; Chairman of the Cringleford Neighbourhood Development Plan Team


This practical seminar is an unmissable opportunity for local authorities as well as local communities embarking on the production of a neighbourhood plan, to gain useful tools and practical advice in order to get the best out of the process.

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What Attendees Say About Planning Conferences... 

"A great event with wise people who spoke wise words and attended by senior industry guru's. An event you cannot afford to miss!"
Head of Business Development - Cratus Communications

"Well balanced and addresses some of the key issues facing planning professionals" 
Head of Development Planning - Plymouth City Council

“Clarity on our current delivery challenges”      
Head of Planning
- Lincolnshire County Council