Planning Seminar - Combi

Planning For HS2: Capitalising On The Opportunities Created Along The Route

1 December 2015 | Maple House etc.venues, Birmingham




Chair’s Opening Remarks

Duncan Sutherland, Regeneration Director, Sigma Capital Group PLC and Non-Executive Director, HS2   


Setting The Scene: The HS2 Route And The Opportunities It Creates

  • What are property and economic development opportunities that will be created by the route of HS2 phase one and its stations?
  • What are the latest plans for the route of phase two from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds, and its stations, and the opportunities this creates?
  • How is HS2 going to work with local authorities, landowners and developers to help maximise economic development and regeneration benefits

Mike Lyons, Programme Director, High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd  


Transport Benefits: Identifying Opportunities For Transport Improvement As Well As Development And Growth Openings Associated With HS2

  • What impact will the arrival of HS2 have on transport networks across the region?
  • What associated public transport services are already planned to link into HS2 phases one and two, and what development and growth opportunities do these offer?
  • How are public authorities factoring the arrival of HS2 into their transport plans?

Maria Machancoses, Midlands Connect Programme Director, Midlands Connect Partnership


Placemaking Benefits Case Study: Opportunities Offered by HS2 To Create Great Places

  • Learning from the benefits already apparant around planned HS2 terminals
  • Understanding the specific development opportunities, including planned or potential site allocations, in specific HS2 destinations
  • How are local planning authorities on the HS2 route amending their local plans to capitalise on the high speed link?

Richard Cowell, Head of City Centre Development & Planning, Birmingham City Council


Networking Break & Refreshments


Economic And Housing Growth Benefits: What Opportunities Does HS2 Bring?

  • How are local authorities planning for HS2 in phase two?
  • How can developers and local authorities work together to harness opportunities arising from the arrival of HS2?

Simon Green, Executive Director for Place, Sheffield City Council


Panel Discussion: Identifying Opportunities

  • Where are the opportunities that should be grasped by the different stakeholders?
  • What are the benefits for the communities and for regeneration?
  • Who will see the economic benefits of the scheme?
  • Will benefits from HS2 terminal cities spread to other areas along the HS2 route? How to create a ripple effect along the HS2 route and find a better balance between the benefits and negative impacts

Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director, Institute of Economic Development

Craig Wakeman,
HS2 Programme Manager, Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership


Chair’s Closing Remarks


Close Of The Seminar

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