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Major Infrastructure News & Analysis

Image: Bloomberg Creative/Getty Images.

Government ‘external review’ to mull further on legal duty for five-yearly reviews of major infrastructure policy documents

The government has stopped short of following a recommendation of its independent infrastructure advisor to introduce a legal requirement for five-yearly reviews of national policy statements (NPSs) for certain kinds of major infrastructure projects, instead committing to an “external review of the NPS review and designation process”.

Offshore wind (pic: cc-by-sa/2.0 - © David Dixon -

Government broadens new ‘critical national priority’ planning presumption to all renewables projects

The government is to include all renewable energy infrastructure projects under a new "critical national priority" national planning policy presumption, and has committed to bringing in a "strong starting presumption" for the use of overhead power lines outside of protected landscapes.

Road intersection, UK (Pic: Getty)

Government proposes ministerial ‘star chamber’ to drive major infrastructure delivery and confirms one-year route for certain projects

The government has proposed a series of measures designed to bring down the consenting time for nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs), including a new “ministerially led forum” to “drive” delivery, publishing spatial data on such schemes and confirming a one-year “fast-track” route for certain developments.

M1 motorway (Pic: Getty)

New government task force to consider a more ‘spatial’ approach to infrastructure planning

Ministers plan to create a new government task force to evaluate the merits of adopting a more “spatial" approach to infrastructure planning and will consider “how judicial review is working in the planning system” as part of its long-term efforts to speed up delivery.

Major Infrastructure In Depth & Comment

A graphic of a pile of money in a briefcase (credit: Emma Austin/Getty Images)

The reasons why councils may be holding on to almost £3bn in unspent developer contribution cash

Research by housebuilders suggests that councils have almost £3 billion of unspent section 106 agreement planning gain cash in their coffers. But practitioners say there are good reasons why councils may want to take their time in spending their developer contributions on local projects.

Jamie Davies

Legal Viewpoint: High Court makes further judgment on scope of section 73 permissions

The High Court has once again scrutinised the limits of section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 in a decision quashing the grant of a planning permission that sought to remove a substation from a solar farm development.

Cliff Hague

Backing build-to-rent distracts from the real priority of more social housing, by Cliff Hague

Increasing the supply of build-to-rent properties at discounted market rates would not solve the problem of a shortage of affordable housing, says our columnist.

Angus Walker

The government promise of further infrastructure planning revolution that you may have missed, by Angus Walker

New government plans for broader changes to the infrastructure planning system, including possible alterations to thresholds for accessing the application route for nationally significant projects, were overshadowed by the party conference furore over HS2 cuts, says our columnist.

Policy Briefings

Policy Summary: Guidance for local authorities on the role of planning in climate change adaptation

POLICY: Preparing for a Changing Climate: Good Practice Guidance for Local Government.

Briefing: How planners can help tackle the climate crisis

Just weeks after the government signed the net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 target into law, the Committee on Climate Change's annual progress report reveals that the UK's climate change actions are failing to meet its ambitions. Kate Hodson and Olivia Dunham consider how planners can help.

Policy Summary: National Policy Statement (NPS) for Geological Disposal Infrastructure

Issued by: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS).