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Interview: John Rhodes, chairman, Local Plan Expert Group

Interview: John Rhodes, chairman, Local Plan Expert Group

Last week, the government's Local Plan Expert Group published its long-awaited report on streamlining and improving the local plan-making process. John Geoghegan spoke to group chairman John Rhodes, director of consultancy Quod

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How local plan panel's report would shake up the plan-making process

How local plan panel's report would shake up the plan-making process

The chair of a heavyweight panel commissioned by the government to look at ways to streamline the local plan process has said that the recommendations contained in its report could have 'seismic' implications for calculating housing need and land supply.

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What lies behind councils' vociferous criticism of local plan inspectors?

Recent instances of councils strongly and publicly criticising an inspector's handling of the examination of their local plan reflect the reality that they are not in complete control of the documents, say experts

How three councils are seeking immunity from challenges alleging insufficient housing site provision

Three authorities have submitted annual position statements to the government under new rules allowing them to secure their housing land supply positions for one year. The councils say they hope the move will let them avoid fighting costly appeals.

Inspectors should face housing need 'driving test', says senior council planner

Planning inspectors should have to pass a "driving test' to demonstrate their understanding of calculating housing need and land supply before determining appeals on such issues, a senior council planner has suggested.

The lessons of a plan examination that will last two years

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council's local plan examination will run for at least two years, according to the latest timetable. Commentators say this shows the potential dangers to councils of proposing to not meet housing need on green belt grounds.

How plan-makers are assessing housing need while the standard method is unresolved

The uncertainty over which iteration of the household projections should be used to calculate local housing need under the government's still-to-be-finalised standard method is confusing plan-makers, Planning has found.