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Track English councils' progress in adopting local plans and view the latest data on our interactive map, including the latest updates on local plan coverage from the Planning Inspectorate.

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Maps: core strategy progress data

Use our new interactive map to view English councils' progress in adopting local plans and view a spreadsheet containing the latest data on local plan coverage from the Planning Inspectorate.

Local Plans News

New homes: Government to trial site allocation land value capture mechanism (pic: cc-by-sa/2.0 -     © Steve Fareham - geograph.org.uk/p/528386)

Government to introduce land value capture measures as part of site allocation process

The government is to introduce new laws that would allow councils to trial a new mechanism to "maximise the potential uplift in land value" when allocating sites for development during their local plan preparation.

Westminster (Pic: Getty)

Government to press ahead with 30-month local plan production deadline

The government has revealed that it will press ahead with the 30-month timescale for councils to produce their local plans that first appeared in 2020’s planning white paper.

Michael Gove, secretary of state for housing, communities and local government (Credit: Finnbarr Webster c/o Getty Images)

Six more ways in which the Levelling Up Bill would change planning, including dropping five year housing land supply requirements

With additional implications of the bill and its associated documents continuing to emerge, Planning highlights more key things that you need to know about their contents.

The Houses of Parliament (pic: cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Lauren - geograph.org.uk/p/7107654)

23 ways in which the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill would change planning

The government has introduced its much-anticipated Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill to Parliament, with the bill including a raft of changes to the planning system, including around developer contributions, environmental assessment and enforcement.

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Local Plans In Depth

Podcast graphic

Room 106, Ep11: Councils go slow on plan-making, miss housing land supply targets, and the rest of the week’s key news

In this podcast the Planning team explores why the number of councils abandoning or pausing their local plans continues to grow, the move by consultants Quod and DLP Planning to switch to employee ownership and the health of council's housing land supply pipelines

The Houses of Parliament (Credit: Ian.CuiYi c/o Getty Images)

What to expect from the levelling up bill and other policy changes this spring

The latest intelligence on the planning changes that the government has in the pipeline

Cyber attacks are on the increase (Credit: seksan Mongkhonkhamsao c/o Getty Images)

Why the risk of cyber attacks on council planning services is increasing

Councils are increasingly using web-based IT tools for both plan preparation and processing applications while the risks of cyber attacks - which can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to resolve - are increasing, commentators warn.

Basildon withdrew its local plan (Credit: John Allan c/o Creative Commons Licence via geograph.org)

The signs that the local plan system may be grinding to a halt

At least ten local authorities have either withdrawn, paused, or delayed their local development plans over the past six months, research shows, prompting fears that the system is becoming paralysed. Observers cite uncertainty over the government’s planning reforms and local political opportunism - particularly over controversial green belt release - as key reasons.

Local Plan Comment

Why developers may need to cut their reliance on single-use resources sooner than they think, by Cliff Hague

Although the National Planning Policy Framework makes only oblique reference to the circular economy, some local authorities are already embedding the concept into policy.

Why pretty pictures alone won’t fix your indigestible local plan, by Cliff Hague

Councils can do their level best to make their local plans understandable and accessible for ordinary people, but the sheer amount of strategy and detail necessary to convince the government that the plan should be adopted renders the planning system exclusive.

How to produce a good local plan, by Catriona Riddell

Developing a clear vision for an area is arguably the key ingredient of a local plan, with effective engagement with communities and neighbouring authorities also critical to success.