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The LPAs where it’s easiest (and hardest) to win permitted development approval, plus application hotspots

Permitted development rights are one of the most controversial aspects of the English planning system. But how are these rights used? Planning analysis reveals, for each type of PD right, the authorities with the highest and lowest approval rates, the application hotspots, and much more

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The most frequent, and successful, housing appellants

Our exclusive research reveals the firms that saw the most appeals against refusals of schemes for five homes or more determined in 2018-21. PLUS The most successful appellants, and the authorities with the best and worst records at appeal.

The 30 biggest planning authorities

The highest application and appeal workloads, the biggest employers and the top fee earners. PLUS the officers who head up their planning services and the political parties leading the authorities.

The most in-demand skills in planning

Local authorities’ verdicts on the most in-demand expertise and the most difficult vacancies to fill, according to a Planning survey of senior planners across local government.

The Planning town hall resources survey

Our data reveals councils’ average numbers of planning professionals, fee increase and budget trends, and funding priorities

Read our report on the future of virtual working post-pandemic page by page online

Please click through to read our Insight Report covering the new working methods most widely backed to continue at higher than pre-pandemic levels, according to Planning research.

Read our report on the places in which bans on permitted development will be lifted page-by-page online

Please click through to read our Insight Report covering the places in which bans on office-to-residential permitted development will be removed.

Britain's best planning lawyers and biggest planning law firms

This year’s Planning Law Survey features new names at the top of the lists of the most admired QCs, the top-rated planning junior barristers and highest-regarded juniors under the age of 35.

The A-Z of planning and infrastructure funding

Planning's round-up of key sources of central government support for planning, regeneration and infrastructure provision, including the most recent Budget announcements.

The biggest planning permissions of the year

Exclusive list detailing the largest housing, commercial, industrial, retail and leisure schemes granted planning permission in the last twelve months. Includes details of who applied, the local planning authority, date of decisions and the law firms and consultants who acted as professional advisers to either applicant or authority

The 59 councils that we predict will have weakened planning protections after the 2020 housing delivery test

Research by Planning has identified 59 English local planning authorities – about one in five – that we estimate will face the most serious sanction under the government’s housing delivery test through which their housing policies are rendered out of date.

The Planning Consultancy Market Report 2020: Overview

The biggest employers, the fastest-growing firms, the most lucrative services, which sectors will grow, the cheapest firms to hire, and the most expensive, plus what consultants think about virtual working, staffing levels next year and much more.

Download the updated Planning Briefing on the white paper, or read it online

Our updated guide to the planning white paper and its implications is now available as an easily searchable PDF document, or can be read as a series of online articles.

Ministers say Sadiq Khan's housing record is 'deeply disappointing'. What does the data say?

In February, before the coronavirus made electioneering in the capital a less urgent priority, London mayor Sadiq Khan put out a press release. It revealed statistics showing that he was on course to meet his affordable housing target this year – to see work started on 17,000 affordable homes. If he achieves it, it will be the first time in four years he has come close to that kind of level.

Seven key factors which differentiate successful unplanned housing appeals from unsuccessful ones

We studied appeal decisions for all schemes of 400-plus homes on unallocated greenfield sites since the start of 2016. Below, we highlight the key reasons why some appeals are allowed and others dismissed.

How inspectors differentiate unacceptably remote dwellings from those they approve

The factors that distinguish dwellings that inspectors see as unacceptably remote from those that they approve.

Data Resources

CIL Watch: who's charging what?

Want to know whether your local authority has published Community Infrastructure Levy proposals? Our live table includes the latest details of councils' levy plans, including a breakdown of charges by development type.

Community Infrastructure Levy maps

Community Infrastructure Levy maps

More than 200 local authorities in England and Wales have published Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) plans for consultation. Use the interactive maps below to view councils' progress in implementing CIL and the rates they are proposing to charge.

Map: neighbourhood plan applications

Use our new interactive map to view how many applications for neighbourhood planning powers have been received by English councils and the names of the groups that have submitted them.

Maps: core strategy progress data

Use our new interactive map to view English councils' progress in adopting local plans and view a spreadsheet containing the latest data on local plan coverage from the Planning Inspectorate.

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