The IED Annual Conference, Thursday 23 November 2017

Achieving Sustainable Inclusive Growth For The Economy


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BREAKFAST BRIEFING - Driving Commercial Real Estate Investment And Occupiers: Which Local Authority Districts And LEPs Are Winning, And How?

Local authorities and other public sector organisations have emerged as some of the biggest investors in commercial property. The breakfast briefing will provide data driven insights about:

  • Who leads investment and occupier activity across LEP areas?
  • Which LEP is attracting the highest levels of investment and occupier activity?
  • Which LEP ranks top of the investment and occupier activity league table?
  • How is the UK CRE market performing, what are the drivers and what is the probable outlook?

Richard Yorke, Director of Analytics,  CoStar


Registration & Networking


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Bev Hurley, Chair, Institute of Economic Development 


Opening Keynote Address - Politics, Economics And Popular Consent

Matthew Parris,  Times Columnist


Opening Panel Discussion - The Impact Of Brexit Negotiations On Balance And Inclusivity In The Economy

  • Which geographic areas are likely to be the largest economic losers if a trade agreement is not in place/if migration is seriously restricted?
  • Is it possible to predict geographic winners?
  • What is Brexit likely to mean for the low paid and/or low skilled in the private sector?
  • What, if anything, can be done from now to mitigate any of these impacts?
  • Do you see geographic and individual wealth gaps in the UK widening or closing?

Tom Bridges,  Chief Officer Economy and Regeneration,  Leeds City Council

Andrew Smith, Chief Economic Adviser, Industry Forum


Networking Break And Morning Refreshments


Tailor your day with your chosen practical masterclass

Delve deeper into some of your most pressing day-to-day challenges in economic development today. Each session will feature best practice examples, practical insight, replicable case studies and take away tips.

Select the breakout session that you would like to attend.

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1)  How To Deliver Local Growth And Affordable Housing

  • What is the best way to align affordable housing policy with economic and job growth?
  • How to cope with growth in your local area: best practice when it comes to overcoming key challenges related to affordable housing provision
  • Update on the Housing White Paper: how does it sit with the government’s Industrial Strategy? What implications does the Housing White Paper have for economic development?
  • Is there more that can be done by local authorities and developers to address affordable housing needs?

Richard Cook, Associate – Economics, Pegasus Group

Cllr Alan Strickland, Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and Planning at London Borough of Haringey

Chaired by Ciaran Gunne-Jones, Senior Director, Head of Economics, Lichfields



2) How To Create The Skills Relevant For The Local Economy 

  • How can local authorities help make up for the skills shortage? How can they help develop the skills of the workforce needed in an area?
  • Aligning skills supply with skills demand through better local insight
  • How further education and training providers are planning to match up with the needs of employers?
  • Planning for an ageing population: what are practical strategies to try to retain and attract young people and the right skills in those industries likely to be most affected?
  • What more can be done to increase economic participation in areas of low inspiration?

Sarah Fenton, Strategic Partnership Director, The Construction Industry Training Board

Duncan Brown, Senior Economist and Director of Consulting and Innovation, EMSI

Chaired by Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director, Institute of Economic Development


Select the breakout session that you would like to attend next.

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3) How To Drive Business Growth

  • What are the ingredients for business growth? What are various interventions where the public sector can assist in this area?
  • What is the best approach to work with companies
  • What are LEPs and the private organisations doing to attract businesses?
  • How can places promote themselves beyond the European Union

Richard Jeffery, Director of Business Growth Hub, The Growth Company

Keith Wilson,  Economic Strategy & Intelligence Manager,  Tees Valley Combined Authority

Chaired by Ciaran Gunne-Jones, Senior Director, Head of Economics, Lichfields



4) How To Deal With Financial Pressures In Local Authorities, Maximise Your Resources & Develop Alternative Funding Models

  • How to work effectively with limited resources and deliver economic growth in your area
  • Best approaches when it comes to raising revenue, self-financing and finding new ways of income generation
  • How have they done it? Learn from innovative ideas of alternative funding models
  • The future of funding: what will happen to European funding? What will funding opportunities look like in the future?
  • Funding through LEPs: update and clarity on the process

Lawrence Conway, Chief Executive, South Lakeland District Council

Chaired by Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director, Institute of Economic Development

13:05                   13:40 - 13:55

Networking Lunch

IED Annual General Meeting (IED members only)


Tailor your day with your chosen roundtable discussion

This is the opportunity to share your experiences, challenges and solutions on subjects that matter most in economic development today.  Each roundtable will be hosted by an event participant who will facilitate the discussion. 

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Choose from 5 or 6:



5) Roundtable: How Devolution Can Help Drive Growth

  • Do devolution deals give real local freedom and what could be improved?
  • What should be the role and responsibility of various delivery agents in economic development?
  • How do those areas without a devolution deal progress plans?
  • What other freedoms/powers do local areas need to deliver growth?

This session includes an introductory presentation by:

Naomi Clayton,  Policy and Research Manager , Centre for Cities

Chaired by Ciaran Gunne-Jones, Senior Director, Head of Economics, Lichfields



6) Roundtable: How Do We Ensure Growth Benefits For Entire Communities?

  • Can economic growth ever benefit entire communities?
  • What are the main reasons for a ‘trickle down’ of opportunity not taking place?
  • What would be the one single policy area which could ensure wider distribution of benefits?
  • Is this an issue that needs to be addressed?

This session includes an introductory presentation by:

Katie Schmuecker, Head of Policy, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Chaired by Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director, Institute of Economic Development


Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments


Keynote Address

Sir Edward Lister, Chairman, Homes and Communities Agency 


Closing Keynote Speech - Inclusive Growth

Lord O'Neill, Ex Commercial Secretary to the Treasury and Former Chief Economist of Goldman Sachs


Summary Of The Roundtable Discussions, Closing Remarks & IED Award Ceremony

Bev Hurley,  Chair,  Institute of Economic Development 


End Of Day