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Planning consultancy: the highest earners, and fee rate changes

The consultants that make the most money from planning work, the firms that charge the highest maximum and lowest minimum rates, and more

The Planning Consultancy Market Report 2020: Overview

The biggest employers, the fastest-growing firms, the most lucrative services, which sectors will grow, the cheapest firms to hire, and the most expensive, plus what consultants think about virtual working, staffing levels next year and much more.

Planning consultancy: the biggest employers and fastest growers 2020

The consultants that employ the most planning professionals, the fastest growers, and those that contracted most in the pandemic year.

CIL Watch: who's charging what?

CIL Watch: who's charging what?

Want to know whether your local authority has published Community Infrastructure Levy proposals? Our live table includes the latest details of councils' levy plans, including a breakdown of charges by development type.

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