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Takeaway sanctioned in historic city centre

A reporter sanctioned the change of use of a convenience store to a hot food takeaway on the ground floor of a listed residential tenement building in the historic centre of a Scottish city.

Antisocial behaviour linked to takeaway in local shopping parade

The ability of a restaurant in Essex to provide takeaway food would increase the risk of antisocial behaviour, an inspector decided, in dismissing an appeal.

Rural service station conflicts with out of centre retail policy

The redevelopment of a petrol filling station and adjacent bungalow to create a service station with new fast food drive-thru and enlarged convenience shop on a trunk road outside a Pembrokeshire village failed to win the support of an inspector.

Modest changes supporting café culture denied

Modest changes supporting café culture denied

A café owner failed in a bid to extend use of an outdoor seating area when an inspector found restrictive conditions necessary to protect a Yorkshire town centre.

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