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Amending restrictive retail condition renders appeal invalid

An inspector has refused an amendment to a condition to allow for the sale of food and drink at a retail unit in a Gloucestershire settlement on the grounds of invalidity following the Finney judgement, because to vary the condition would change the operative description of development originally granted permission.

Pandemic cited in support of outdoor facilities at green belt pub

The need to cushion businesses from the Covid-19 pandemic supports retention of outdoor structures at a pub in the Surrey green belt, an inspector has ruled.

Mixed use allowed on back of new Use Class E

The change of use of a coffee shop to a mixed retail and food and drink use was approved, and an enforcement notice requiring its cessation quashed, in a commercial area of south-east London, with any potential harm to nearby residents and users of the public realm avoided through the inspector imposing appropriate conditions to prevent cooking odours and noise disturbance.

Marquee extension to listed building ordered to be removed

An inspector upheld listed building enforcement action against a marquee extension to a listed building used as a café restaurant at an historic watermill museum in Hertfordshire, requiring its complete removal.

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