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Temporary permission for online restaurant food delivery operation

An inspector has quashed an enforcement notice against the use of a building for commercial kitchens and delivery centre on the edge of a town centre in northwest London and approved a temporary permission on the grounds of the uncertain overall impact on the quality of life for adjoining occupiers, especially potential conflicts between delivery drivers and pedestrians.

Public house canopy highly conspicuous and incongruous

An enforcement notice issued by a north London council seeking the removal of a canopy at a public house occupying a locally listed building failed on appeal to secure its retention, because it was incongruous and out of character with the character of the area.

Roadside services rejected in favour of historic coaching inn

Plans for new roadside services adjacent a strategic road through Rutland were rejected when an inspector branded the unbroken expanse of buildings and car parking unsympathetic to local character and the coaching inn history of the site.

Notice quashed for combining breaches

An enforcement notice against the material change of use of a premises to a bar, restaurant and shisha café and the erection of a structure to the rear in northwest London has been quashed as invalid for not specifying the reasons for issuing the notice in relation to the unauthorised structure.

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