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Loss of retail unit to public house would cause antisocial behaviour

The use of a vacant retail unit as a public house on the edge of the shopping area in Worcester was refused for harm to the viability and vitality of the retail area and the quality of life of local residents through antisocial behaviour.

Inspector upholds residents' evidence in limiting takeaway operating hours

A condition restricting the opening hours of a pizza takeaway in a predominantly residential area of a Herefordshire town was upheld by an inspector in the interest of preventing noise and disturbance to nearby residential occupiers, despite an extension to the hours of operation being allowed for a temporary period in a previous appeal.

Public house out of character in historic residential enclave

A public house from a listed residential property in a conservation area in Aberdeen was refused for harm to the established residential character of the area but not to that of the conservation area or the listed building specifically.

Takeaway allowed to open for after school trade

An inspector varied a condition to allow extended opening hours at a hot food takeaway in close proximity to a primary school in Greater Manchester.

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