Robust And Deliverable Plan-Making In 2017: Understand what Qualifies As A Sound Plan Following The Housing White Paper

Plan-making is a long and difficult project to undertake: local authorities need to put together a robust, sound plan that will withstand scrutiny at examination, and as if that were not enough, they have to adapt to regular changes to national guidance and requirements, on ever-shorter timelines. In this context, planners need to find a more agile way of working and producing smarter plans.

Robust And Deliverable Plan-Making In 2017 will look at what makes a compelling local plan that will be found sound at examination , building upon exemplars of best practice around the country and will examine what constitutes a deliverable plan that will actually supply housing in a local area. The key elements of the Housing White Paper will also be explored and discussed, to understand what changes will have an implication on the way local plans will be produced in the future, and what actions should be taken today in order to ensure that plans are robust and deliverable in the short and long term.

Some of our key speakers include

Mary Travers 
Group Manager (Local Plans) 
The Planning Inspectorate

Derek Stebbing 
Consultant and Examiner, Intelligent Plans and Examinations (IPE) and Member
Local Plans Expert Group (LPEG)

James Stevens
Director for Cities (London and South) 
Home Builders Federation 

Adrian Cannard 
Director of Planning and Strategy
Greater Cambridge/Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership

Key benefits of attending:

  • Understand what constitutes a robust and deliverable plan that stands up at examination

  • Grasp the implications of Housing White Paper for plan-making in 2017

  • Hear  from different and complementary perspectives from the public and private sectors on what makes plan-making deliverable

  • Meet, network and share challenges and experiences with fellow practitioners from around the country

Who should attend?

This event is the opportunity for  both  local authority planners  around the country, either in the process of preparing a local plan or revising it,  and  representatives from the private sectors  bringing forward sites for development, to gain useful tools and practical advice to achieve the best outcome.

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