Planning for High Density Housing

Thursday June 20th, 2019


Breakfast and Registration


Chair’s Opening Remarks



Updates to National Planning Policy Framework

  • An overview of the newly National Planning Policy Framework
  • How minimum density standards will affect planning at local level

Ben Million,  Policy Advisor - Planning Policy and Reform, MHGCLG


London Plan

  • Accommodating expected population growth with optimised use of land 
  • Promoting high density development within the new London Plan

James Murray, Deputy Mayor, Housing and Residential Development, Greater London Authority


Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

  • Prioritising brownfield land for future developments across Greater Manchester
  • Identifying the need for regeneration in town centres
  • A brief analysis of responses to the recently closed 1st consultion

Steve Fyfe,  Housing Strategy Manager,  Greater Manchester Combined Authority


Q&A With the Policy Makers: How Can Local Authorities and Developers Best Deliver on National and Local Policy Frameworks?

  • Prioritising affordable housing within high density developments
  • Key points from national and local frameworks to consider when planning a new development
  • Delivering targets for new homes in London, Manchester and beyond



A Holistic View of Infrastructure and High Density Housing Across Sites

  • Understanding the need for quality infrastructure in order to support high density housing schemes
  • Improving value of sites via improvements to infrastructure

Brett Harbutt, Head of Planning, Quintain


Gaining Public Support for High Density Regeneration Schemes on Small-Medium Sized Sites via Open Communication

  • Identifying and analysing resident concerns with regard to high-density housing
  • Setting up accessible channels of communication
  • How to audit action taken as a result of community engagement, and feeding back to the community

Colin Wilson, Head of Regeneration, Southward Council


Morning Break



Intensifying Density in Regeneration Projects

  • A case study from a Central London borough
  • How to increase density in already highly-dense urban spaces
  • Ensuring quality of housing within intensification projects


How to Plan High Density Without High Rises

  • Examining different strategies to reduce number of 15+ storey buildings in a high density development
  • Ensuring character of location is prioritised throughout the planning stage
  • Significance of high density without high rises


Delivering Affordable Housing Within High Density Schemes

  • How to account for viability when planning a high density project
  • What can be worked out between the developer and local authority to ensure affordable housing?


Chair's Closing Remarks


End of Conference