The UK government aims for 225,000 affordable new homes to be built by 2022, prioritising brownfield development due to green belt protections. As such, in order to deliver enough new homes, high density housing must be prioritised across both urban and rural spaces.

Planning for high density housing, however, is often challenging for a number of reasons. Improvements to infrastructure, while being a major driver for new high density projects to be built, are not linked to the specific high density development, which may affect the quality of life in these areas. In addition, high density projects can often be faced with opposition from the community, particularly in rural or suburban spaces, where the character of the neighbourhood and quality of housing is perceived to be linked to low or medium density.

Join us at Planning for High Density Housing, to examine new strategies to plan viable high density projects in order to deliver on national targets. This half day event will feature expert speakers from across the United Kingdom, giving insight into the best ways to design high quality, high density communities.

The 2019 Brochure will be available to download soon