National Planning Summit 2019

To stay on the top of their game planners need to be able to react to, and stay up to date with, the latest legislative and legal changes as well as understand the real world impact that implementing these policies have had. The National Planning Summit brings together planning professionals and policy makers to discuss real world case studies, challenges to implementing the latest policy as well as looking at what policies the next 18 months might bring.

This year we will be taking a future facing approach to the planning sector, looking at the biggest issues that planners will have to get to grips with over the next 5 years. In order to address new demands and stay relevant, planning professionals from across the sector will need to understand emerging challenges such as placemaking and the uncertain future of the high street, as well as and grow their own skill sets including digital awareness, and local authorities building their own income streams.

Taking place in London on the 14th May, this year’s National Planning Summit is the definitive event for planning and regeneration professionals, addressing the latest challenges and policy changes in the sector today and providing you with the skills to thrive in the future.

Planning the essential development for tomorrow in today's policy, political and market environment

What to expect at the National Planning Summit 2019:

  • Understanding the future of the high street, and how planning could implement regeneration plans to drive economic growth

  • Planning homes and spaces that help people to thrive and interact more deeply with their homes and public spaces

  • Uncovering the opportunities and challenges created by the government approaches to the greenbelt and navigating the politics surrounding it

  • Uncovering new technologies to revolutionise the planning process, bring local communities closer to projects and speed up applications

  • The impact of Viability policy changes on developer contributions and delivery

  • Rebranding planning as an aspirational career to attract new talent

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