Devolution and economic growth in London - next steps for policy following the London Finance Commission

11 Jul 2017
Central London


This conference will assess opportunities for driving economic growth and competitiveness in London, as Government considers options for transferring further powers to the Capital. 

The seminar is scheduled in the context of uncertainty after the EU referendum, and follows the second London Finance Commission - which is expected to report back to the Mayor early this year with a revised set of recommendations on further devolution of public services; changes to sub-national tax arrangements and opportunities to support the growth of London’s economy.

Discussion will also be informed by the development of the Mayor’s economic policy, in areas such as investment, skills and attracting global business. 

It will also provide delegates with an opportunity to consider the impact of key devolution measures set out in the Autumn Statement on individual Londoners, businesses and infrastructure - as devolved funding is provided towards local infrastructure and affordable housing, and plans are announced to devolve funding for the Work and Health programme and the adult education budget.

Planned sessions will discuss investment in skills and infrastructure, and meeting the housing needs of Londoners; learning from regional initiatives and London’s future economic contribution to the UK and priorities for devolved spending and devolved powers. 

The conference will bring together key policymakers with a range of professionals, including colleges and training providers, universities, employers and trade associations, transport operators, construction companies, developers, investors and banks, businesses and their advisors, local authorities, representatives of citizen and community groups, social and academic commentators, charities and campaigning organisations, along with reporters from the national and trade press and other interested parties.

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