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Q The operator of car repair garage wants part of its site to be set aside for hand car washing. Customers would drive onto the premises and pay to have their cars washed and valeted, irrespective of whether they are having their car repaired or not. Could this be considered as ancillary to the existing use as a garage and planning permission would not be required for the additional use? MN

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My client recently lost an appeal against a notice requiring removal of a dormer on a house. The inspector varied the notice to allow retention of a small increase in the height of the eaves carried out as part of the works. My client now wishes to build a dormer complying with permitted development (PD) requirements. The council argues that PD allowance has been lost as a result of the unauthorised dormer and, in any event, the original eaves would not be restored. In my view, PD rights were regained once the dormer was removed and the eaves must only be restored on the side on of the proposed new dormer. Do you agree? DH 

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