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Whether you are a new subscriber or are already familiar with DCP we want to ensure you are getting the most from your subscription.

DCP and COMPASS expert teams provide free of charge training sessions and we have multiple platforms available - either over the phone, online or by office visit .

To discuss this further or book a training session please email us at dcs@haymarket.com or call 020 8267 8820.

In this section new users will also find clear and easy tips on how to use DCP Online, including how to utilise keyword searching to find the most relevant information, and then how to further refine their results.

As a more experienced user you may be looking for some of the more advanced features that you may not have tried before - including "Editors Updates" and "Latest appeals"

We have recently redesigned the site to update and improve our service - the user guides highlight a number of new features and enhancements and how they can help you. 

Video guides

These cover a range of questions that our customer service team are most commonly asked. It is often easier to understand how to do something when someone shows you, with our video tutorials it is like having someone sat at your desk with you! You can play, pause and replay as often as you need.

User guide: How to use the Editors Notes feature on DCP Online

The purpose of the Editors Notes feature in DCP Online is to alert you to the latest information available since a section was last updated. This allows you to ensure that you have access to the most up to date content when using DCP Online.

User guide: How to view appeals cited in DCP Online

The video guide below shows how you can view the full appeal decision letter of any case cited in DCP Online.

User guide: How to view the Latest Appeals feature on DCP Online

All the major sections on DCP Online have the Latest Appeals feature which allows you to view the latest and most important appeals for the area of your interest.

User guide: How to end user sessions for DCP and COMPASS Online

If you are getting a message 'maximum number of concurrent logins exceeded for your company's subscription' on COMPASS or DCP Online, it could be that your colleagues are either using the system or they haven't logged out and have locked the session.

User guides

These are clear, step by step guides to the wide range of search functions and resources provided to help you find relevant information on DCP. We understand how important it is to have the most relevant and current planning information, the guides highlight how to access the latest updates and changes in guidance.

Revised NPPF and incorporation into DCP

The finalised version of the revised National Planning Policy Framework was issued by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) on 24 July and what follows is how we intend to incorporate it into DCP.

User guide: How to search for application references on COMPASS Online

COMPASS Online is a searchable planning appeals database of over 170,000 decisions, providing a quick, convenient and efficient method of searching and downloading these decisions.

User guide: How to search for types of appeal on COMPASS Online. Subscribers only

COMPASS Online is a searchable planning appeals database of over 170,000 decisions, providing a quick, convenient and efficient method of searching and downloading these decisions.

User guide: How do I use DCP?

The following is an introduction to DCP giving the manuals aims and broad structure.

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