The ultimate guide to the planning process and should be referenced by anyone who works with applications, appeals, court cases and development plans

Guides you through all the factors involved in seeking and making decision on planning applications. It provides invaluable assistance for lawyers, developers and planning consultants who need to understand how councils make planning application decisions and provides local authorities with a comprehensive guide.

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Policy & Legislation Updates

National Survey of Lorry Parking

Following the Department of Transport's National Survey of Lorry Parking last week, planning minister Dominic Raab and transport minister Jesse Norman have written to local planning authorities to "draw their attention to the survey results, which show a strategic national need for more lorry parking and highlight shortages in specific areas."

Air quality: draft Clean Air Strategy 2018

This draft Clean Air Strategy outlines DEFRA's ambitions relating to reducing air pollution in the round, making the air healthier to breathe, protecting nature and boosting the economy.

Stage 1 Report on the Planning (Scotland) Bill

The Scottish Parliament's Local Government and Communities Committee has set out recommendations to strengthen the Planning (Scotland) Bill.

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