Planning for High Density Housing

How To Maximise Sites' Potential To Deliver The Homes That Communities Need


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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Victor Callister , Deputy Director of Architecture & Built Environment, Design Council



UPDATE ON THE LONDON PLAN: How The Mayor Aims To Pursue 'Design-Led Density'

  • What are the policies supporting higher density schemes in the draft London Plan?
  • How the new London Plan aims to intensify development around stations, well-connected town centres, and brownfield sites?
  • What opportunities and challenges does the proposed approach of setting expected densities rather than maximum densities present to applicants and authorities 
  • The role of low-to-medium rise high density housing in meeting London's housing need 
  • The role of co-location of different types of buildings and land use in driving up densities

James Murray,  Deputy Mayor of London for Housing & Residential Development

Policy Update: The Implications Of The NPPF Revisions On High Density Schemes

Tom Perry , Head of Cities, Design Council 


CREATING HIGH QUALITY HIGH DENSITY SCHEMES: How To Ensure High Density Delivers Good Quality Housing In Suitable Locations

How Planning Authorities Can Set Design Quality Requirements for High Density Homes, And How Applicants Can Show That They Are Meeting Them

  • How to carry out an informed assessment of high density schemes' design quality
  • What national or city-regional level policies need to be factored into design assessments of high density schemes?
  • How do you strike a balance between achieving design quality, securing developer contributions to infrastructure and ensuring viability?
  • How to assess the impact of high density developments on neighbouring areas in terms of issues such as overshadowing, wind and transport provision
  • How can applicants demonstrate that they are meeting a planning authorities' design and other requirements?

Colin Wilson, Head of Regeneration, Old Kent Road, Southwark Council

How To Identify Suitable Sites For High Density Communities

  • What are the characteristics of sites suitable for high density housing?
  • Where do opportunities exist for viable high density housing?
  • Where are high rise solutions suitable, and where are low or medium rise schemes more appropriate?
  • How to identify locations with the accessibility and infrastructure to support denser housing

Emma Williamson, Assistant Director - Planning, Haringey Council



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MAXIMISING LAND USE: How Housing Can Be Co-Located With Business/Industrial Activities to Maximise Beneficial Land Use

  • Discover how a high-density scheme, co-located with commercial uses on a former industrial site in London, recieved approval

Case study: Nestle Development in Hayes : Martin Scholar, Head of Planning, Barratt London


DEALING WITH VIABILITY CHALLENGES WITHIN HIGH DENSITY SCHEMES: How To Get The Right Balance Between Meeting Planning Requirements And Ensuring That Schemes Remain Deliverable

Providing Sufficient Affordable Housing

  • How to strike a fair balance between delivery of affordable homes within high density schemes, and ensuring the viability of the project
  • What specific cost considerations do high density schemes present to developers, and how much weight should these be given in negotiations about developer contributions?

Case study of the Blackwall Reach Regeneration scheme in East London:

Andy Gatrell, Director of Development, Swan Housing Group

Case study of the multi award-winning urban regeneration project ‘The Scene’ in Walthamstow:

Adrian Harding, Interim Head of Development Management and Building Control, Waltham Forest Council

Getting The Right Mix Of Home Sizes, Tenures And Facilities To Help Build A Sense Of Community

  • How high density schemes can provide family homes and cater for people with a wide range of needs while still ensuring that they remain deliverable
  • How to viably provide for good quality public space and social infrastructure within high density schemes
  • How to provide accommodation and public space whilst maintaining daylight and amenitities 

Case studies of two successful high density schmes to be examined: South Kilburn Estate regeneration and Wembley Park regeneration in North London

Alice Lester,  Head of Planning,Transport & Licencing, Regeneration & Environment,  Brent Council

Ian Absolon, Senior Director and Business Unit Head, GVA Schatunowski Brooks



WINNING LOCAL AND POLITICAL SUPPORT: Learn From Successful Stories of High Density Schemes

  • What are common concerns around high density amoung local communities, and what can be done to address them?
  • How have successful promotors of high density housing schemes engaged with local communities?
  • How to viably provide accommodation and public space while maintaing daylight

Case study of the regeneration of Woodberry Down in Hackney 

Simon Donovan, Chief Executive, Manor House Development Trust

Case study of Hackney's design-led approach to gaining local support in the context of it's new local plan:

Ian Rae, Head of Planning, London Borough of Hackney


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