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Essential Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), planning obligations and finance information. Find the latest details of councils' levy plans in our live table, and read the latest updates and news analysis from around the country.

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CIL Watch: who's charging what?

Want to know whether your local authority has published Community Infrastructure Levy proposals? Our live table includes the latest details of councils' levy plans, including a breakdown of charges by development type.

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Community Infrastructure Levy maps

Mapped: Community Infrastructure Levy (updated 12.04.2023)

More than 200 local authorities in England and Wales have published Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) plans for consultation. Use the interactive maps below to view councils' progress in implementing CIL and the rates they are proposing to charge.

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CIL In Depth

Woodbridge, East Suffolk. Pic: wellsie82/Getty Images

CIL Watch: Newly adopted schedule hikes residential rates

A Suffolk council has adopted a new community infrastructure levy (CIL) charging schedule that increases the maximum charges for residential development.

Roadworks on M6 in Knutsford. Image: Christopher Furlong/Getty

Why some question whether the new infrastructure levy will ever see the light of day

Experts say the government’s desire to avoid introducing perverse incentives resulting from its new infrastructure levy has led to the creation of a highly complex system requiring a very long implementation period. With the Labour Party pledging to scrap it, some question whether it will ever be introduced nationally.


How the Levelling Up bill would change the system: 9. Developer contributions

This section in our series of briefings on the Bill highlights the new infrastructure levy, which would be mandatory for local authorities to charge, that has been proposed as a replacement for the discretionary community infrastructure levy

A new housing estate in Topsham (Credit: David Smith c/o Creative Commons Licence via

CIL Watch: Nine things you need to know about the government’s proposed new infrastructure levy

Plans for a national infrastructure levy were included in the recently published Levelling-Up and Regeneration Bill, with further detail provided through accompanying explanatory notes and a policy paper. Here are the key things that you need to know.