Summaries of key development management decisions, including appeals, ombudsman reports, court judgements and Secretary of State decisions. Cases are selected and summarised by the COMPASS team. COMPASS is a fully indexed and searchable database of planning decisions.

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Residential conversion of community centre not harmful to town centre health

Allowing the change of use of a vacant community centre within a small parade in a Gloucestershire local centre would not adversely affect its vitality and viability.

Radburn housing estate layout thwarts erection of garden building

The provision of an outbuilding within the garden of a dwellinghouse in Oxfordshire would not be lawful, an inspector decided, because it would be sited forward of the building's main elevation.

Sun room jars with industrial character of former mill

Retaining a sun room on part of a balcony linked to an apartment within a converted mill building in the centre of Leeds was unacceptable because it appeared as an arbitrary and incongruous addition to the grade II listed building and surrounding conservation area.

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Development Management Discussion Forum

Development management answers: Home-based business query

Q A homeowner has applied for planning permission to operate a low-key tattoo business from his home. Would the local authority be well advised to avoid imposing a condition controlling the maximum number of daily customers, as this would be very difficult to enforce? And if it did, would such a condition be difficult to defend at appeal? PJ

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Government told to stick to promise on call-in reasons

Legal Viewpoint: Government told to stick to promise on call-in reasons

Earlier this month, the Court of Appeal handed down judgment on the controversial application for the Paddington Cube, a 19-storey office tower next to the grade I listed station and within a conservation area.

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