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Need for new housing overcomes community annoyance from aircraft noise

An outline permission for 78 dwellings, public open space and land for a doctor's surgery was approved on farmland adjoining a Bedfordshire town, with the adverse noise impact from an existing small airport nearby outweighed by the need for the new homes.

SOS allows replacement secondary school and nearly 300 homes in Surrey green belt

Hybrid permission for 295 new homes and a replacement secondary school over three separate sites in the green belt in Surrey was allowed by the secretary of state in an appeal recovered for his own determination. He agreed with his inspector that the benefits of the new school (including a centre for autism) and much needed housing outweighed the harms to the green belt from inappropriateness and loss of openness, the loss of a local green space recently designated through a made neighbourhood plan, less than substantial harm to a conservation area and harm to the rural context of the village.

Former colliery not regarded as previously developed land in SOS green belt refusal

The secretary of state has refused the redevelopment of a former colliery for built floorspace for employment uses and a rail distribution depot for maintaining rail infrastructure in the Warwickshire green belt, in a recovered appeal for his own determination.

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Development management answers: Mechanism to ensure simultaneous implementation

Q Councils occasionally receive joint planning applications from two adjacent homeowners who wish to build rear extensions sharing a party wall, with the intention of implementing permission at the same time.

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Why framework review may not close door on litigation

Legal Viewpoint: Why framework review may not close door on litigation

The aim of this month's draft revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is to ensure that it is as efficient as possible in improving the supply of homes.

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