Summaries of key development management decisions, including appeals, ombudsman reports, court judgements and Secretary of State decisions. Cases are selected and summarised by the COMPASS team. COMPASS is a fully indexed and searchable database of planning decisions.

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Holiday-lets for 48 people in six flats constitutes material change of use

A change of use from six flats to short-stay visitor accommodation in a mixed-use area of central Edinburgh was found to constitute a material change and an enforcement notice requiring the use to cease was corrected but upheld.

Self storage yard refused as industrial intrusion in residential area

A self-storage yard, comprising 54 metal storage containers in a predominantly residential area of a Lancashire settlement was refused for harm to the appearance and character of the area despite utilising brownfield, contaminated land unsuitable for housing.

Docks expansion allowed despite outstanding ecology and heritage concerns

The secretary of state has granted a development consent order with modifications for construction, operation and maintenance of a new port terminal and associated facilities in Tilbury on the site of the former Tilbury Power Station on the north bank of the River Thames in Essex. The development included a roll-on/roll-off terminal and a construction materials and aggregates terminal and associated infrastructure including rail and road facilities that would link to the existing network.

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Development Management Discussion Forum

Development management answers: Green belt porch query

Q A client wishes to build a side extension to a house in the green belt. A porch about two metres square, not serving the main entrance, sits in the middle of the side wall and forms an original part of the house...

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Why developers should take care before starting on site

Legal Viewpoint: Why developers should take care before starting on site

Once planning permission has been granted, it is not uncommon for developers to contemplate a start on site even though they have not obtained approvals under conditions that need to be discharged prior to commencement. Case law has established that development in breach of "true" pre-commencement conditions is unlawful.

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