Summaries of key development management decisions, including appeals, ombudsman reports, court judgements and Secretary of State decisions. Cases are selected and summarised by the COMPASS team. COMPASS is a fully indexed and searchable database of planning decisions.

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Root bridge system rejected for proposed access

A scheme of protecting the roots of two protected lime trees in Somerset to facilitate access to two dwellings, was held to be sufficiently uncertain as to justify dismissing the appeal.

Unprepossessing office building demolition consented

Conservation area consent was secured for the demolition of a two-storey flat-roofed office building in Glasgow, a reporter concluding that it had an unprepossessing and utilitarian appearance.

Railway cutting landfilled for housing acceptable

The infilling of a former railway cutting in greater Manchester to facilitate the erection of up to 42 dwellings was acceptable despite the local authority raising concerns about noise from lorries delivering fill material to the site.

Development Management Discussion Forum

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Development Management Discussion Forum

Development Management Answers: Foreshore development query

Q Would it be lawful to include areas of foreshore between mean low and high water within a neighbourhood planning area and for neighbourhood plan policies to promote development, such as permanent workshops for artists and craftspeople, thereon? PB

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Keeping an eye on the time in prior approval applications

Legal Viewpoint: Keeping an eye on the time in prior approval applications

The High Court has confirmed that local planning authorities do not have the power to extend the determination period for prior approval applications where the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) specifies a deadline for determination.

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