Summaries of key development management decisions, including appeals, ombudsman reports, court judgements and Secretary of State decisions. Cases are selected and summarised by the COMPASS team. COMPASS is a fully indexed and searchable database of planning decisions.

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Latest Casebook Decision Summaries

National policy favours shale gas exploration

An inspector sanctioned a shale gas exploratory well site for a temporary period of five years in the Derbyshire green belt despite local fears and opposition.

Class Q prior approval granted when council slips up on timing

An inspector rejected a Northamptonshire council's claim that it had issued a refusal of an application for prior approval for Class Q permitted development comprising the conversion of a barn to three dwellings and took no further action on the case.

Wedding venue rejected over access and noise concerns

A reporter decided an upmarket wedding venue in remote Scottish countryside would not be compatible with the quiet rural community and a nearby beef farm.

Development Management Discussion Forum

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Development Management Discussion Forum

Development management answers: Crown development query

Q Have you come across the powers under which the Crown built offices for nationalised industries? We have no record of any consent for offices built for the South East Electricity Board in the 1960s or 1970s and whether it contained inherent limitations on the use of those premises. Can you help? PD

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Framework opens the door for entry-level exceptions

Legal Viewpoint: Framework opens the door for entry-level exceptions

The recently revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) introduces the new concept of 'entry-level exception sites' into planning.

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