Budget 2018

Updated: 13 things you need to know about the Budget

Chancellor Philip Hammond's Budget, published last week, was accompanied by significant announcements on previous policy proposals and set the scene for further reform. Here are 13 key planning proposals that were announced.

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Budget 2018: Reaction

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Ministers consult on joint levies to fund strategic infrastructure

BUDGET 2018: Local authorities will be able to join forces and establish cross-boundary levies to fund infrastructure, the government has confirmed.

Government promises to publish national infrastructure strategy in 2019

BUDGET 2018 Ministers have pledged to publish next year a "comprehensive National Infrastructure Strategy" setting out the government's priorities for economic infrastructure.

Neighbourhood planning given £8.5 million Budget boost

BUDGET 2018 Parish councils will be granted powers to allocate land and grant permission for homes for sale to local people at a discount, the government has announced.

Budget pledges an extra £500 million for Housing Infrastructure Fund

BUDGET 2018 The government today pledged an extra £500 million to the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF), claiming that the extra cash will unlock 'up to 650,000 new homes'.

Government consults on implementing first listed buildings consent order

BUDGET 2018 The government has published a consultation on the first use of a special secretary of state order which is intended to grant blanket listed building consent for certain types of works on prescribed heritage buildings.

Ministers promise new guidance to help councils adopt infrastructure levy

BUDGET 2018: The government has said it will publish new guidance to help local authorities 'adopt and revise' Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedules, as well as consider further legal changes to 'improve the operation of the levy'.

Proposals to ease sale of public land for planning purposes out for consultation

BUDGET 2018: The government has proposed the 'switching on' of a secretary of state power to issue a general consent allowing councils to dispose of public land for planning purposes without ministerial consent.

Letwin Review: Expert committee proposed to arbitrate on housing mix

BUDGET 2018: A new 'national expert committee' should be established to provide advice to the communities secretary on appeals against refusal of planning permission for large housing schemes, according to the final report of the Letwin Review.

Draft guidance published to help development corporations CPO land

BUDGET 2018: Ministers may sign off compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) to help deliver new towns where proposals are not 'fully worked up', according to draft guidance on the use of such powers by development corporations.

Letwin proposes 'new planning framework' for large sites

BUDGET 2018 The government should introduce a 'new planning framework' requiring diversity of housing types on large sites to speed up delivery, according to yesterday's Letwin Review.

Permitted development rights for phone boxes could be scrapped

BUDGET 2018: Councils could be given powers to control the rising numbers of phone boxes being installed on city streets, according to plans floated alongside yesterday's Autumn Budget statement.

Government to explore single spatial plan for Oxbridge growth corridor

BUDGET 2018 The government has announced it will 'explore options' for a single spatial plan for the Oxford to Cambridge growth corridor and promised to create 'strengthened' and 'democratically-accountable' governance arrangements across the area.

Government confirms developer contribution changes to capture land value uplift

BUDGET 2018 The government is to change the planning gain system in a bid to give developers and councils more certainty while enabling localities to capture a greater share of increased land values for spending on infrastructure and affordable housing.

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