Budget 2014

Budget 2014: the sector reacts

Budget 2014: the sector reacts

Planning experts react to the contents of the chancellor's famous red box below. More

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Budget 2014 news

Homes England announces scaled-back housing plan for protected Medway site

Medway Council has criticised the government's housing agency over its decision to slash the number of homes being proposed at the Lodge Hill site on the Hoo Peninsula from 2,000 to just 500.

Threatened Wirral Council urges MHCLG to allow it to use lower household projections

A council undergoing Whitehall scrutiny of its local plan process has said it is lobbying the government to allow it to use September's lower household growth figures that would see the district's housing need drop by two-fifths.

Judge rejects challenge against 'late' wind turbine conditions discharge

A High Court judge has backed a Suffolk council's sign off of planning conditions for a wind turbine consent, dismissing arguments that the applicant's 'late' application to discharge the conditions invalidated the permission.

Planning 'hardest hit by drop in council spending'

According to a BBC investigation, council spending on planning has dropped more in the past seven years compared to any other service, falling by over half.

CIL Watch: Few councils use their power to exempt 'unviable' schemes from CIL, research finds

Norwich City Council has introduced a new policy allowing it to exempt some developments from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) if the charge causes them to become unviable.

Tees Valley mayor buys airport site to block 350-home development

The mayor of Tees Valley has announced a deal to buy Durham Tees Valley Airport from a developer to prevent outline plans for 350 homes going ahead and to 'make the airport great again'.

Office for National Statistics delays 'variant' household projections publication

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has delayed publication of a 'variant' set of household growth projections that were promised when it released the original figures, which prompted a furore over their impact on calculating local housing need.

More than a quarter of English and Welsh retail space lost since financial crash, says report

More than a quarter of retail floorspace in England and Wales was lost in the seven years following the global financial crisis, a new study has concluded.

'Financial problems gather for HS2 and Crossrail projects'

Reports of gathering financial problems for the High Speed Two (HS2) and Crossrail infrastructure projects feature in today's newspaper round-up.

MHCLG announces special measures programme to continue up to 2020

The government has announced that it will continue its 'special measures' programme, which examines the planning performance of local authorities, up until 2020, with the assessment criteria remaining unchanged.