Holiday lodge park benefits given significant weight

Despite concluding that most of the users of a planned 139 holiday lodges in Staffordshire would travel by car, an inspector decided that the economic benefits to the area should be afforded significant weight.

In addition to siting the lodges the appellant proposed to provide a reception building, two and a half hectares of green space, leisure trails, a fitness suite, internal roads, car parking and footpaths. The inspector concluded, given the general form and layout of the site, that the impact on the character and appearance of the area would not be significantly harmful. Nor would the proposed vehicle trips undermine the safety of horse riders in the area.

The scheme would create 30 full-time equivalent jobs and generate increased spending in the area totalling around £2m. It would bring great economic benefits to the local area and greater West Midlands. The council’s local plan supported the provision of tourism development and the appeal was allowed.

Inspector: Mike Worden; Hearing

DCS Number: 200-008-777