Planning’s Practical Seminar: Speeding Up The Planning Process

Wednesday 9 March 2016 morning, ILEC Conference Centre, London 




Welcome And Chair's Opening Remarks

Marc Dorfman,  Director, Marc Dorfman Consulting Ltd - Town Planning


Obtaining Planning Permissions More Quickly: How Can We Streamline The Process?

• Understanding the latest policy changes and using new planning tools: what are the implications of Housing and Planning Bill provisions, including planning permission in principle? How will the measures work in practice? How are local authorities planning to deal with them?

• Pre-application discussions and planning performance agreements (PPAs): their value for money, their role and legitimacy

• How do you draft planning conditions? What is reasonable when it comes to obtaining discharge of planning conditions?

• What are the challenges faced by local planning authorities in speeding up the planning application process?

• Application deadlines: how can local authorities deal with applicants and agree on those in order to speed up the planning application process?

• What impact do section 106 negotiations have on timescales and how can this process be speeded up? Is greater reliance on CIL a help or hindrance?

John Walker, Director of Planning, London Borough of Westminster


Accelerating The Local Plan Process Without Compromising Quality 

This session will explore the future direction of changes in the planning policy process:

• Local plan preparation: best-practice examples shared from a private sector perspective 

• Local plan delivery: What are the key reasons why local plans are coming unstuck at examination? What steps is the government proposing to ensuring local plans are prepared by 2017? How these measures will work in practice?

Charlie Collins, Director, Savills

Matthew Spry,
Senior Director, Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners 


Networking Break & Refreshments


Resourcing A Quality, Efficient Local Authority Planning Service In Times Of Austerity

• How can local authorities help to speed up the planning process by effectively managing their staff resources? What are best practices in order to increase income and maintain capacity in the light of budget cuts?

• Cost-saving strategies: what are financial models that allow local authorities to secure more staff? Are service mergers a suitable solution?

• Outsourcing functions: how do partnerships with the private sector work in practice? How do councils with outsourced planning functions safeguard democratic accountability?

Martin Hutchings, Improvement and Performance Manager, Planning Advisory Service

Rachel Almond,
Service Manager for Development Management,  West Suffolk (Forest Heath District and St Edmundsbury Borough Councils)


Chair's Closing Remarks


Close of Practical Seminar