The Post-Brexit Planning And Economic Development Conference is the inaugural forum for senior professionals from both the public and private sectors working in planning, regeneration, economic and sustainable development to discuss and explore what Brexit means for them and their local communities.

The event will be exploring and debating the practical implications of the EU fallout on planning, regeneration and economic development, the opportunities and threats associated with some of the most pressing challenges resulting from it, and how potential solutions and mitigation strategies can be developed in order to maintain sustainable growth in the UK.

The conference day will be divided into two parts: 

  • Part 1: Focusing on economic development 

  • Part 2: Focusing on planning and housing 

Tailor your day and choose to attend the full day conference or select the half-day of most relevance to your daily role. 

Key Expert Speakers Include:

Keynote: Ruth Cadbury 
MP, Shadow Minister  (Housing)

Speaker Name

Keynote: Dr Adam Marshall 
Director General
British Chambers of Commerce 

Chair: Paul Hackett 
The Smith Institute  

Chair: Duncan Sunderland
Regeneration Director
Sigma Capital Group plc 


  • Quiz and explore what Brexit means for local growth with industry and policy experts as well as key practitioners, who will be sharing potential solutions to some of the most pressing challenges following Brexit.

  • Gain practical insight into the significance of Brexit in the short and longer term for the housing market, EU funded projects, inward investments, the labour market and planning policy, and its implications for sustainable growth.

  • The opportunity to network with your peers - take part in the roundtable discussions facilitated by current and former government advisers, and exchange perspectives on post-Brexit scenarios with fellow practitioners

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