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Overweight school children policy justifies takeaway refusal

A development plan policy adopted by a local authority on Tyneside which sought to limit the number of takeaway food outlets in areas where a percentage of the children were overweight was supported by an inspector who concluded that allowing a further outlet would be inconsistent with the council's aim of reducing obesity.

Cover over pub terrace allowed

Enforcement action against an alleged unauthorised pergola outside a London pub was quashed by an inspector and planning permission granted for the structure.

Cafe hours extended

An inspector allowed longer opening hours at a café and lifted restrictions on the use of a rear courtyard to enable provision of an outdoor seating area, after being satisfied that the amenity of local residents in an area of Greater Manchester would not be harmed.

Beer garden intensification impact concerns rejected

In striking down an enforcement notice directed at a pergola, six timber sheds and a barbecue shelter at a beer garden associated with a public house in west Yorkshire, an inspector decided that while it had led to complaints from neighbouring residents, the development had not significantly raised noise levels.

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