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Q We have received an application for a new dwelling. To provide the necessary parking space for it, the applicant proposes to use a garage a short distance away. What would be the best way to ensure that this garage is kept available for parking? CB

Q A bungalow extension was granted planning permission. The officer's report was largely copied from one for an extension to a different property, even down to the incorrect property name, parish and policies, so it seems the application was improperly assessed. No notifications were sent to an adjoining listed building, contrary to the council's consultation policy. Are these grounds for judicial review? The listed building has the benefit of a restrictive covenant requiring its owner's consent - which has been refused - for any work to the bungalow. The bungalow's owners are applying for the covenant's removal, citing the planning approval as justification. Is the questionable grant of planning permission a defence? SF

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