Development Control Practice

Development Control Practice (DCP) is the ultimate guide to the planning process and should be referenced by anyone who works with applications, appeals, court cases and development plans

DCP guides you through all the factors involved in seeking and making decision on planning applications. It provides invaluable assistance for lawyers, developers and planning consultants who need to understand how councils make planning application decisions and provides local authorities with a comprehensive guide.

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Policy & Legislation Updates

Congestion, Capacity, Carbon: Priorities for national infrastructure

This interim National Infrastructure Assessment identifies key priorities for consideration and consultation in preparation for the Commission's 2018 National Infrastructure Strategy.

Mobile action plan: Welsh Government

This plan sets out how the Welsh Government aim to work together with the mobile phone industry and the regulator to provide greater connectivity.

Simplified Planning Zones and equivalent mechanisms outwith Scotland: research report

This report examines the use of Simplified Planning Zones (SPZs) and equivalent mechanisms used outwith Scotland. Its aim is to assess the potential for a more flexible and more widely applicable land use zoning mechanism than SPZs provide at present.

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