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Flat amalgamation ruling quashed on supply error

An inspector's erroneous assessment of a west London borough's housing land supply position has led to his decision to permit the amalgamation of four vacant flats being quashed.

Forum: parking query

Forum: parking query

Q We have received an application for a new dwelling. To provide parking space for it, the applicant proposes to use a garage a short distance away. What would be the best way to ensure that this garage is kept available for parking in connection with the dwelling? CB

Store consent quashed on policy assessment flaws

Planning permission for an Aldi supermarket in Gloucestershire has been struck down after the High Court concluded that the local planning authority gave inadequate consideration to retail policy issues.

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Court sets limits on scope of prior approval regime

Prior approval is required for the exercise of some permitted development rights. Article 7 of the General Permitted Development (GPDO) Order 2015 provides that local planning authorities must issue an approval or determination within the period specified by schedule 2 of the order, within eight weeks where no period is specified, or as agreed by the applicant.

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