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Non-strategic urban extension incompatible with site allocations plan

A mixed-use scheme on the edge of Chippenham in Wiltshire involving up to 200 dwellings, 4,700m2 of B1 floorspace and community uses was rejected after an inspector decided that it would not accord with the aims of a recently adopted site allocations plan.

Affordable housing obligation outlives its usefulness given policy change

A planning obligation relating to a single dwelling in Shropshire which restricted its occupation to a person with an affordable housing need was discharged because of the significant change in the council's planning policies.

Small housing scheme required to make affordable housing contributions

Arguments by a developer of seven dwellings in north London that the written ministerial statement (WMS) in 2014 on affordable housing trumped the council's statutory development plan failed, an inspector deciding that a financial contribution of £50,000 per new dwelling was justified.

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Neighbourhood plan backed on second home restrictions

If the man travelling to St Ives in the nursery rhyme is planning to buy a new second home there with any or all of his seven wives, he has another thing coming.

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