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Mixed use urban extension provides adequate highway access

A mixture of residential and employment floorspace was approved on the edge of an historic market town in Lancashire following a careful assessment of the likely impact on the local highway network.

Residential use permitted development despite original office use dispute

The change of use of a building in Dorset to residential was agreed to comply with Class O of Part 3 to Schedule 3 of the GPDO 2015, an inspector confident that as at May 2013 the premises were in use as an office.

Reinstatement of abandoned dwelling policy compliant

The owner of a dwelling in mid Wales which was vacant and fallen into disrepair was successful in securing permission for its re-use, an inspector being satisfied that the building was structurally sound and that there was no requirement for any affordable housing provision.

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Helping councils hold their nerve on purchase orders

A Supreme Court ruling last month demonstrates the complexities of compulsory purchase law. The court unpicked a 2015 Court of Appeal ruling overturning an Upper Tribunal decision on compensation for land in Rochdale acquired as part of a larger development scheme. It found that the Court of Appeal misapplied section 6 of the Land Compensation Act 1961.

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