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Beer garden intensification impact concerns rejected

In striking down an enforcement notice directed at a pergola, six timber sheds and a barbecue shelter at a beer garden associated with a public house in west Yorkshire, an inspector decided that while it had led to complaints from neighbouring residents, the development had not significantly raised noise levels.

Swimming school business inappropriate on main industrial estate

The change of use of a vacant Class B1 unit on an industrial estate in Essex to a swimming school for children up to 10 years old, was judged to be in conflict with the council's employment land strategy.

Town centre theatre supported by mixed use countryside scheme

A college in Leicestershire who offered to fund the continued operation of a theatre it owned in a town centre seven miles from the application site, convinced an Inspector that this would off-set the generally poor sustainability of the appeal site.

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Ruling highlights scope for error on repeat conditions

A recent High Court decision on a case in London highlights how complex section 73 permissions can be and how errors can so easily be made when granting permission and applying conditions.

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