Summaries of key development management decisions, including appeals, ombudsman reports, court judgements and Secretary of State decisions. Cases are selected and summarised by the COMPASS team. COMPASS is a fully indexed and searchable database of planning decisions.

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Latest Casebook Decision Summaries

Doubt over deliverability weakens case for housing

An inspector declined to prejudge the findings of a forthcoming local plan examination and refused an outline proposal for 115 houses on allocated employment land with high site development costs.

Conversion preferred to redevelopment in conservation area

An inspector refused permission for the demolition of an unlisted arts and crafts house and its replacement with a block of eight apartments in an Edwardian London conservation area, finding the public benefits of the scheme no greater than could be achieved from conversion and improvement of the existing building.

Material operations with ambivalent purpose held not to commence permission

A Worcestershire council's decision to refuse to grant a lawful development certificate confirming implementation of permission for a replacement riverside house was upheld by an inspector.

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Development Management Discussion Forum

Development Management Answers: 1965 planning approval query

Q In 1962, outline permission was granted for two dwellinghouses. The only condition required standard outline approval. In 1965, permission was granted for a bungalow on part of the same site.

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Ruling highlights scope for error on repeat conditions

Legal Viewpoint: Ruling highlights scope for error on repeat conditions

A recent High Court decision on a case in London highlights how complex section 73 permissions can be and how errors can so easily be made when granting permission and applying conditions.

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