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Affordable housing reduced to respect anticipated losses

A section 106 obligation relating to a planning permission for 67 dwellings in Lincolnshire which required that 35 per cent of the units should be affordable was varied to require the developers to provide only 25 per cent after taking into account likely build costs and the value of the houses. In this regard the inspector did not agree that a reduction to 15 per cent as requested by the appellants was appropriate.

Tree felling denied permission despite safety fears

Consent to fell an oak tree within a Dorset conservation area and protected by order was denied despite concerns by two local residents that it was potentially dangerous.

Replacement dwelling claim scuppered by inspector's ruling on existing structure

The replacement of a dwelling in the north Yorkshire green belt was not supported by an inspector who concluded that paragraph 89 of the NPPF did not apply.

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Forum: cat rescue query

Q. For a while I have been "fostering" rescue cats by looking after them until they can be found new homes, on behalf of a charity. A council enforcement officer has visited me saying that I need planning permission for this, and suggested I make a retrospective application. Is this required, as the use is not commercial? CL

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Ruling clarifies position on amalgamation of dwellings

Legal Viewpoint: Ruling clarifies position on amalgamation of dwellings

The amalgamation of two or more housing units remains the subject of heated debate. Under section 55 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, a material change of use constituting development occurs where one unit is divided into two or more, but the law is silent on the position where multiple dwellings are converted into a single one.

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