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Forum: How can garage be kept available for new dwelling?

Forum: How can garage be kept available for new dwelling?

We have received an application for a new dwelling. To provide the necessary parking space for it, the applicant proposes to use a garage a short distance away. What would be the best way to ensure that this garage is kept available for parking in connection with the dwelling? CB

Cambridgshire village housing scheme merited permission without delay

An inspector awarded costs to an appellant after concluding the council had not provided evidence to support assertions of landscape and infrastructure harm and had acted unreasonably in refusing the application, at the same time granting outline permission for 42 market and 28 affordable homes on the greenfield site on the edge of a sustainable linear village.

Brownfield housing scheme judged unsustainable

Conversion of a vacant telephone exchange building to 38 flats and construction of a further 57 flats in two blocks on ancillary land, in a Sussex seaside city, was refused permission after an inspector found unacceptable harm to neighbours' living conditions.

Development Management Discussion Forum

PlanningResource's Development Management Forum allows users to raise new topics for discussion or comment on existing topics.

Development Management Discussion Forum

Forum: Does tennis court require planning consent?

Q Is planning permission required to install a tennis court in the back garden of a dwellinghouse? SW

Legal Viewpoint

Legal Viewpoint: Court clarifies sustainable development presumption

Legal Viewpoint: Court clarifies sustainable development presumption

The Court of Appeal has rejected a generalised presumption in favour of sustainable development (PIFSD) in its ruling on an inspector's decision to approve Barwood Strategic Land's plans for up to 150 new homes in Staffordshire.

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