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Development Control Services Ltd (DCS) provides the most comprehensive range of research products and services for development management planners.

Development Control Practice (DCP)

Development Control Practice (DCP) is the ultimate guide to the planning process and should be referenced by anyone who works with applications, appeals, court cases and development plans

DCP guides you through all the factors involved in seeking and making decision on planning applications. It provides invaluable assistance for lawyers, developers and planning consultants who need to understand how councils make planning application decisions and provides local authorities with a comprehensive guide.

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COMPASS is a fully searchable and indexed database of planning appeals, allowing you to search more than 177,000 decisions, COMPASS provides a quick and convenient facility to search and locate highly relevant decisions saving research time and ensuring a greater chance of success with applications and appeals.

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Planning Appeals Tracker

Planning Appeal Tracker is an email service delivering you a summary of the most significant planning appeals straight to your inbox. This service briefs you on all the appeals within your selected development types; with each appeal abstracted by experienced planning professionals.  A subscription to this service is ideal for professionals who have an interest in keeping ahead of all decisions made without having to read and summarise each appeal themselves. 

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